How To Paint Ceilings

April 7th, 2009


Painting your ceiling is like going to work out for the first time in a month, you feel it the next day.  Unless you are a professional you will end up using muscles you never knew you had.

The last thing you want when you get done painting your ceiling is to look at your ceiling and see roller marks, dry wall joints & nail pops.  Home Depot and Lowes will tell you just to put another coat of paint on it, but that is like pouring gas on a fire. 

Most ceiling problems come from an poorly sealed surface or inexperienced painting.  The heat in your home rises. The temperature at your ceiling can be significantly warmer than the actual room temperature.  The combination of a poorly sealed surface and warmer temperatures will accelerate the dry time of the paint you are applying to your ceiling.  If the paint is drying to quickly while you are rolling you will track dried paint across the ceiling leaving ridges that you will see when the paint has dried. 

Additional coats of ceiling paint will only enhance the roller marks.  Every time you roll an additional coat of paint on you are building up more paint film. If you re-coat to quickly you will trap moisture in the finish resulting in unwanted sheen. 

All these problems can be prevented by using Benjamin Moores Waterborne Ceiling Paint (508) it is the deadest flat paint on the market.   This flat finish will hide some of the worst dry wall problems. It is the only product that features technology to extend the working time so you will not track dried paint across your ceiling. 

This ceiling paint is a great problem solver.  Many frustrated people have came in to our store after multiple coats of behr ceiling paint and achieved outstanding results with just one coat of Benjamin Moores Waterborne Ceiling Paint (508).

Additional Ceiling Tips:

  1. When you roll your ceiling take the shortest distance.
  2. Always roll paint perpendicular to the light shinning in the window.
  3. Always roll using a extension pole.
  4. Use a high quality fabric roller like a 1/2″ Wooster 50/50.

For more tips or specific questions on your next painting project go see your local paint experts at Shelby Paint & Decorating.

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